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  • Marketing for the Entertainer (Creating Your Brand) ( Abbie Cobb)
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  • A Musician

My four brothers and I attended various Scottish Performing Arts schools during the summer months over the years. Some of these also had instructions for Highland dance and drumming. We received instruction from Pipe Major John MacKenzie (piping), Seamus McNeil (piping), John MacFadyn (piping), and Capt. John MacLellan (piping). Instructors for other disciplines included John L. MacKenzie (dancing), Alex Duthart (drumming), and Jim Kilpatrick (drumming) – All of them world class in their respective disciplines.

I turned 21 while attending a Scottish Performing Arts school. I was preparing to leave that year when Capt. John MacLellan sought me out for a private discussion. He asked if I would like to be a full-time piper under his tutelage. There was a catch, and that catch was that I join the British military. Alas, I felt joining the British military over my own was somehow unpatriotic and I declined the offer. This is one of those things that if I could do over again I would accept the offer.

I am a professional Great Highland Bagpiper of 50 years. I was a successful competitor in solo, band, and quartet competitions. Most notable was my first place at the first Alma, Mi Highalnd Games recognized as the USA champion and a third place at the Glengarry Highland Games in Maxville, Ontario. However, my greatest joy was, and is, performing at events that ministers to others.
I have completed two music projects “Pipin’ Hot” and “Leaping Ghillies. I made the original “Piping Hot” in 1981 and remastered it and swapped out some tunes in 1990. The purpose of this effort was to demonstrate the Great Highland Bagpipe in different genres. I also added effects to draw the listener into the mood of the tune.

I finished “Leaping Ghillies” in late 2013. This is Highland music for Highland dancers. It is Vol. 1 and, if the demand is sufficient, more will follow. The concept of this project was to break down the Highland dances to their different components. So, for example, you will find the quick time for the Sword Dance by itself at different tempos with a 4-beat count in. This allows the dancer to focus on the quick time and quickly access the music because it is on its own track. The tempos differ by four beats a minute, or one less hop every 15 seconds. This allows a dancer to incrementally work down to the slower tempos as their strength increases.

Both “Pipin’ Hot” and “Leaping Ghillies” are available from many on-line digital entertainment services.

In addition to playing the Great Highland Bagpipes I am a banjoist and singer. My singing goes back to my childhood singing in mixed choir, all male choir, and quartet in Junior & Senior High Schools, church Choirs, SPEBSQSA: Barbershop Chorus (Motor City Chorus) and quartet, and through college in a University of Michigan Octet.

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  • Tune of the Month

Lament For The Children

“Lament for the Children” is one of the classical music tunes of the Great Highland Bagpipe known as piobaireachd. These tunes are structured on a basic theme that transitions through more complicated theme variations building to a grand finish. Traditionally, the first line of the Ground is repeated at the end performance. After all, a good story is ready to tell again.

This recording is the “Ground” portion of “Lament for the Children”; It is the basic theme to the entire tune. It was composed about 1650 A.D. and Angus MacKay Raasay said the inspiration for it was Padruig’s loss of seven of eight sons within a year to an unknown scourge.

I made this recording for the grief I feel for the many little ones whose lives were terminated before they had a chance to live; it is for those precious children who are ill treated or abused for monetary gain or gratification; it’s for the grief of a mother who regrets her abortion decision; and it’s for those who are now adults that bear the scars are of a traumatic childhood.

  • An Artist

Initially I planned vocation to be an animation artist. I cartooned for as long as I remember. I did comic strips, advertisements, newsletters, college paper, caricatures for retirements and parties. I even tried a getting my “Daily Doodle” comic strip syndicated. I am particularly fascinated and enjoy cartoon animation. I still watch parts of them one frame at a time. Through High School and college my youngest brother and I worked on a 16mm animation featuring “Gooney Gander”, a character I created.

My parents were distraught at me being an animation artist and insisted I get a technical degree. So, I went to college to get a technical degree and decided on a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. For my Mechanical Engineering project, I made an animation stand using parts from an industrial drill press, mill and machine ways. It had the functionality of a professional end animation stand.

I wrote Eric Larson at Disney Studios expressing an interest to visit and discuss an animation career and he invited to Burbank, CA. There I also met Ollie Johnston and they both graciously viewed the animated movie I created. It was interesting to have them ask me how I accomplished a certain visual effect. But what impressed them most was the animation stand I made. Eric gave me a business card and prompted me to apply for an audio-animatronic position at W.E.D., the Disney division that creates the amusement park attractions. I missed this opportunity by not following up on it. I had some misgivings living in an earthquake-stricken area that it was about to slide into the ocean.

I am blessed that I now have an opportunity to use some time in a creative fashion.

I dabble in animation, cartooning and caricatures, oil paints, graphics, whittling, and most recent, chalk talk art. This page contains some pictures of artwork and other creative projects I have done or am working on. I hope you enjoy it.


  • Artist Cartoonist & Caricaturist
  • Animation and Graphic Artist
  • Oil Painter
  • Whittler
  • 3DS Max
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • ProTools
  • An Engineer

I planned that engineering be a backup plan and not my main vocation, but it did not work out that way. I was able to apply my more creative side on a couple occasions. I the first person in Ford Motor Company to use 3D animation in a production environment. And I directed a small presentation movie for upper management that had a couple minute animation in it. The producer contacted me a couple years later to inform me that that section of animation more than paid for itself because it was, and is, used is many other productions.

I worked at Ford Motor Company for a number of years mostly in the Plastic and Products Division on Instrument (dash) panels taking the concept art to production. I have a vast number of unique accomplishments because of my distinctive skill set and experiences. I worked in commission only engineering sales, salary sales, manufacturing, design, warranty reduction, software development for engineering training, engineering testing, Oracle DBA and SQL optimization expert, Unix DBA, Unix security, among others. I also was an independent engineering consultant and most recently an Payloads Interior Design Engineer for Boeing 737 aircraft.

Proverbs 16:9, “The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.”

Job Positions Held (in alphabetical order)

  • Application Programmer
  • Plastics Design Engineer
  • BRS Database Administrator
  • Product Launch Engineer
  • Chief Engineer Technical Consultant
  • Production Shift Supervisor
  • Circuit Board Layout Engineer
  • Professional Artist & Musician
  • College Physics Instructor
  • Project Engineer
  • Finite Element Analyst
  • Quality Engineering
  • Glass Manufacturing Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Training Instructor
  • IT Network Security Administrator
  • State Senator Candidate
  • IT Network Security Auditor
  • Technical Script Writer
  • IT Department Supervisor
  • Test Engineer
  • Manufacturer’s Representative – Sales
  • Engineer Training Instructor – FMEA (design & manufacturing)
  • Oracle Database Administrator Unix Administrator (HP & Sun mainframe)
  • Oracle Performance Tuning and Application
  • Architecture Consultant Warranty Engineer

Computer Applications

MicrosoftVisio, Excel, Word, PowerPoint (VBA programmer in all)
AdobeCaptivate, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro
Catia V5 (Boeing Subject Matter Expert), Mechanical Design Workbench – Part Design, Assembly Design, Sketcher, Weld Design, Drafting, Functional Molding Design, Sheet Metal Design, Wire and Surfacing Design / Shape – Generative Shape Design / Knowledge Workbench, Catia script writing, Delmia Ergonomics - Humanoids / Kinematics / NC Manufacturing, Stress Analysis / Photo Suite / ENOVIA
OtherOracle 10, TOAD DBA Suite, Pro-E, Autodesk 3D MAX, Pro-Tools
OSMS Windows / UNIX: HP-UX, SUN Solaris / OSX programming

Programming Languages

Unix shell scripting- sed, awk, SQL Basic & Visual Basic, JAVA, PHP, HTML

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  • My Other Interests

I have many interests. Unfortunately, there are too many to pursue in depth. I especially like visiting with people and talking about the work they do and how things work. Here is a small list of some of my interests:

  • Bible Study
  • Music
  • Acapella Choirs
  • Bagpipe & Celtic Music”
  • Barbershop
  • Bluegrass
  • Christian
  • Country Swing
  • Gospel Quartets
  • Exercise
  • Aerobic
  • Swimming
  • Weight Training
  • Sports
  • Fencing (UofM Team member)
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • Ice Skating
  • Soccer (HFCC Team member Collegiate District Champions)
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If you have any questions, feedback, comments, or would just like to hang out over a cup of coffee, feel free to use the form to send me a message.