I am a professional Great Highland Bagpiper of 50 years. I received Scottish Performing Arts Instruction from Capt. John MacLellan, Pipe Major John Mackenzie, and John MacFadyen. Even though I was a successful competitor in solo, band, and quartet competitions my greatest joy was, and is, performing at events that ministers to others.

I have completed two music projects “Pipin’ Hot” and “Leaping Ghillies. I made the original “Piping Hot” in 1981. I remastered it and swapped out some tunes in 1990. The purpose of this effort was to demonstrate the Great Highland Bagpipe in different genres. I also added effects to draw the listener into the mood of the tune.

I finished “Leaping Ghillies” in late 2013. This is Highland music for Highland dancers. It is Vol. 1 and, if the demand is sufficient, more will follow. The concept of this project was to break down the Highland dances to their different components. So, for example, you will find the quick time for the Sword Dance by itself at different tempos with a 4 beat count in. This is so the dancer can focus on the quick time and quickly access the music because it is on its own track. The tempos differ by four beats a minute, or one less hop every 15 seconds. This allows a dancer to incrementally work down to the slower tempos.

Both “Pipin’ Hot” and “Leaping Ghillies” are available from many on-line digital entertainment services. Or you may purchase them below.

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